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EAM RFID Solutions is a proud member and supporter of different associations and networks that help with the advancement of many different industries.
  • ATA SPEC2000
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    Created by the airline industry to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar aviation parts business, Spec 2000 is a comprehensive set of e-business specifications, products and services that are designed to overcome challenges that have plagued the industry's supply chain for decades. Widely used by the world's airlines and suppliers, the system has served the industry for more than 40 years and has evolved to embrace the latest technological advances in information exchange. By streamlining business processes and reducing administrative costs, Spec 2000 has grown to become the backbone of the aviation industry's current e-business processes.

    EAM RFID Solutions not only follows Spec2000 as it applies to RFID but also sits on the committee for chapter 9.5, helping shape the standards that define the way in which the data is formatted.
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