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Now Patent Pending: RFID-Enabled Vest Tampering Detector


EAM Worldwide Receives Patent Pending Status–EAM Worldwide, a leading manufacturer of aviation safety equipment; including life vests, life rafts and survival kits, announces RFID Safe-seal, the latest addition to its family of Tag the CraftTM in-cabin tracking products. On February 7, 2012, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued the Patent Pending status to EAM Worldwide for its unique vest container tamper tag detection device.

EAM RFID Solutions, a division of EAM Worldwide, has designed RFID Safe-seal to detect the opening of under-the-seat vest containers. The electronic seals are designed to be quickly replaceable and residue free. The RFID mobile scanners are configured with unique numbers from each tamper tag. Any tampering with the container will deactivate the tag and alerts will be triggered when the aircraft is scanned. The Safe-seal tamper tags can easily be added to EAM cabin management software.

“RFID Safe-seal enables airlines to ensure TSA compliance for all in-cabin vest compartments with 100% accuracy,” states Eloy Leal, Director of Engineering and Operations.

EAM RFID offers customized streamlined in-cabin tracking and inventory management without manual counts or traditional barcode scanners. EAM has already incorporated RFID into its life vest products and is currently working to integrate the technology into its life rafts and survival kits for immediate use by clients. The company’s unique RFID tracking software can work with any RFID enabled products following the industry standards.

“It’s simple. Our RFID solutions for aviation drastically decreases ground time and cost while ensuring compliance. We want the best for our clients, which is why we believe it’s important to be the first to offer customized RFID solutions in our industry,” states Miriam Oroshnik, CEO and President of EAM Worldwide.

EAM will provide live demonstrations of RFID technology solutions at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany March 27th-29th in Hall B7 Booth 7D60.


EAM Worldwide has over 60 years of experience as a leading manufacturer of aviation safety equipment. Providing exceptional service to the aviation and marine industries, EAM helps support the financial and operational sustainability of each client. EAM has a history of integrating the latest technology into its core products, including its patented RFID enabled vest. EAM also offers RFID solutions to streamline in-cabin equipment tracking and inventory management. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, EAM also has a global sales office in Dubai, UAE.


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