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RFID Internal Use Case Released

Miami, Florida – Internal use case released by EAM RFID Solutions documenting the benefits experienced by EAM Worldwide as a result of RFID implementation into product manufacturing and shipping processes. The use case includes the Company’s challenge, objective, solution, implementation and benefits experienced as a direct result of the RFID installation.

EAM RFID Solutions fully integrated RFID into the manufacturing and vest fabrication processes. The RFID team embedded RFID tags into life vests and integrated the data collection with the backend system.

A unique scalable software platform was also developed to give users an interface for viewing their newly tracked information. The RFID system can now seamlessly track large volumes of unique product ID and be able to routinely move a high volume of items in a limited time period while reducing the number of lost or misplaced assets. The RFID system was integrated into pre-existing processes to track and trace items in a way that meet government regulations and ensure timely asset availability.

EAM has experienced a decrease in production time, reduction in human errors, increase of on time delivery, and almost complete elimination of short shipments. Manufacturing production time of the Life Vests has been reduced by 30%. Cost of Quality was reduced. Miscounts and short shipments have been eliminated. These savings translate to an overall increase in capacity of 60% since 2009.

To read the complete case results please visit EAM RFID Internal Use Case.


EAM RFID Solutions has revolutionized the safety and survival equipment industry by incorporating asset tracking and the inventory control benefits of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. This new application is incorporated into a variety of EAM products namely life vests. In addition, EAM RFID Solutions works directly with its clients to implement the system into any traceable asset. Whether for inventory management control, anti-theft measures or confirmation of necessary routine maintenance and inspection, EAM RFID Solutions works to help clients optimize their internal operations and efficiencies.

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