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EAM RFID Solutions is Now An Official TRAX Partner

Miami, Florida – EAM RFID Solutions and Trax software are now working together to give their clients the only comprehensive resource for MRO RFID mobile and fixed readers, scanners, tags and customized software. EAM RFID seamlessly communicates in real time with the Trax Maintenance ERP System. With the use of a handheld or fixed reader, the system can make the inventory process error proof.

EAM RFID Solutions has developed a customized Trax application which allows users to receive and transfer items between bins seamlessly, issue batches to any user registered in a location, process tool check-ins and outs for any employee registered in a location and perform inventory tracking efficiently via quick scans.

Trax and EAM RFID Solutions will save you time, money, and greatly improve your operational efficiency.

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EAM RFID Solutions has revolutionized the safety and survival equipment industry by incorporating asset tracking and the inventory control benefits of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. This new application is incorporated into a variety of EAM products namely life vests. In addition, EAM RFID Solutions works directly with its clients to implement the system into any traceable asset. Whether for inventory management control, anti-theft measures or confirmation of necessary routine maintenance and inspection, EAM RFID Solutions works to help clients optimize their internal operations and efficiencies.

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