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Dubai, United Arab Emirates – EAM Worldwide, the leader in aviation and marine survival equipment, proudly announces the move of its global sales office to its new, expanded location in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The new office is over three times the current space and has been customized to allow the sales team to provide exceptional service and support to its clients.
By eliminating manual inspections and reducing the amount of theft, EAM RFID Solutions helps its clients save money and reduce critical turnaround times either on-board an aircraft or in the warehouse. Each life vest, raft and other EAM safety product can be equipped with an RFID chip that stores the birth record of the asset. In addition to incorporating the RFID technology in all of EAMs survival products, EAM's RFID solutions can be employed and used to track oxygen generators, seat belts, seat covers, life rafts, slides, crash axes, smoke detectors, first aid kits, flashlights, and placards.
EAM Worldwide, the leading manufacturer of top-quality survival equipment in the aviation industry, is proud to present its new global brand identity at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. Celebrating over 55 years in business, EAM strategically decided it was time to develop a new logo that best represents where the Company is going today as well as in the future.