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Our inventory management applications allow you to perform common tasks in your facility with the added advantages of RFID technology.

The mobile application can simplify and speed up a variety of tasks, from receiving and moving assets to doing full-scale inventory counts. The web application enhances this even further by giving you a full overview of your current inventory in all your locations, along with detailed information on your parts, and your work and purchase orders.

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Looking Up an Asset – Look up the details on any asset by scanning it.

Move Asset – Just scan your assets and assign its new location by selecting it from a list.

Update Status – Update your assets with customizable status labels, such as “ received”, “repaired”, “serviced”, or “shipped”. You can scan a single asset or update multiple items simultaneously to reflect your latest inventory.

Insert and Update – Easily add a new asset to your inventory, along with the relevant part information, or change the attributes of an existing one.

EAM Worldwide


Perform your inventory counts in any location, whether that’s a hallway, a room, or a shelf. Just tap your location and start scanning. Once an item is found, its color and quantity will automatically update.

Inventory counts also show an item’s expiration status. You can define your own threshold for when you would like to be warned of an expiration. An item’s color changes to orange if its expiration is approaching and red if it’s exceeded its expiration date.